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1 Cinderella Retelling Romance Series You Can’t Miss!

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1 Cinderella Retelling Romance Series You Can't Miss

“Kinky-hot and dark, this daddy-themed, creative retelling of Cinderella will leave you breathless!” – New York Times bestselling author Anna Zaires

Stroke of Midnight by K Webster Paperback Stack

Everyone loves a good fairytale retelling, am I right? I know I do! So, when Dangerous Press asked me to write a Cinderella retelling to take place in their Midnight Dynasty world, I flung off my shoe as I jumped at the opportunity!

✔️ Age Gap Romance

✔️ Modern Day Fairytale Retelling

✔️ Sassy, strong heroine

✔️ Bossy alpha male hero

✔️ Billionaire Romance

✔️ Unbalanced Power Dynamic

✔️ Class Warfare

Stroke of Midnight by K Webster

This series starts off with our main characters Ash Elliott and Winston Constantine. He’s a broody, extremely controlling billionaire CEO who is particular about everything. Ash cleans his office one evening while everyone is gone and does a terrible job, even managing to leave candy wrappers on the floor that he, of course, steps on and gets stuck to his shoe. This enrages him and he demands to confront the person responsible. When he meets her, though, anger quickly turns to attraction. Thus begins an illicit, filthy game. These two love their games…

Stroke of Midnight is by far the hottest book I’ve read in a very long time! Winston Constantine is a dirty talking alpha who makes no apologies for going after what he wants.” – USA Today bestselling author Jenika Snow

Listen to a sample of the Stroke of Midnight audiobook below…


Prince Charming by K Webster

“…K Webster has created a tale that’s unapologetically, deliciously decadent. Extravagant sex, shocking fantasy, and wonderful humor too. I fell into it like a dream…a dream I didn’t want to wake up from.” – New York Times bestselling author Annabel Joseph

Prince Charming by K Webster Teaser

The Glass Slipper by K Webster

The Glass Slipper by K Webster Teaser

The Cinderella Trilogy by K Webster is hot and addictive!

“…I loved everything about this Cinderella retelling. From the intense Alphaness of Winston to the bravery and strength of lovely Ash.” – New York Times bestselling author Raine Miller

Cinderella Trilogy by K Webster

You can start the series today by reading Stroke of Midnight. Buy it here.

Want to read the series all in one book? Check out Skyscraper Cinderella, an omnibus with all three books, here.

Need more in this Midnight Dynasty world? Check out Triple Threat and Death Wish…the villains’ story from the Cinderella Trilogy. Dark, reverse harem, sexy…you can’t miss out on this duet! Check it out here.

The Deception Duet by K Webster

“Brilliant storytelling packed with a powerful emotional punch, it’s been years since I’ve been so invested in a book. Erotic romance at its finest!” – #1 New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken


I lIke my fairy tales filthy




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