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2016 in a Nutshell

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I’m an extremely goal-oriented person.  I’ve been this way my entire life.  Additionally, I am super stubborn.  To a fault.  Add driven with stubborn and you get yourself a maniac.  A maniac for whatever that person is trying to achieve.  For me, it’s success.

What is success to K Webster, you ask?

Now this is a tricky question.  My first two years of self-publishing, I’d have told you success meant becoming a New York Times Best Seller or even landing myself on the USA Today list.  I surely would have thought it would have meant at least getting myself in the top one hundred overall on Amazon.  So because that meant success in my head those first two years, I naturally thought of myself as a failure at the end of each one because I had not achieved those goals.  2014 was a failure because I didn’t list.  2015 was a failure because I didn’t list.

Guess what?

2016 has come and gone.  And I didn’t list.

Old me would have huffed mentally and already started planning out 2017 with a way to make that happen.  Write better books.  Write more books.  Market better.

New me is laughing.

Success isn’t a number or place.  Success is a journey.  Success is what you make it to be.  Success is a state of mind.  And for me, I have finally felt successful as a writer.

Why?  What flipped the switch?  How are you suddenly so successful?

Mainly, I’m happy.  People are reading and loving my books.  That right there makes me feel like a million bucks.  I’ve made friends with readers, bloggers, and authors.  People have told me how my stories have impacted them.  This alone has felt like success.  I’m having fun writing and publishing.  It never feels like a job…it’s just fun.

But seriously, K.  Why do you think are you successful this year?

Fiiiiiine, I’ll tell you why my personal journey has made me feel like I did something right this year.

  • I went dark. I finally put on my big girl panties and wrote what KRISTI wanted versus what I imagined everyone wanted me to write.  How exhilarating was it to smash the rules and do what I wanted?  It was fabulous.  I wrote without boundaries and scared a few people close to me.  But it worked.  My leap into the darkness paid off.  It brought me a new world of readers and I sold books.  Dirty Ugly Toy was suddenly on everyone’s kindles and I was blown away.  This gritty and edgy story was bold and outside of my norm but WOWZA people liked it!  Rachel Blaufeld even wrote a little article about it.  It may not have listed with USA Today but it was officially on their website.

  • The dark stories began to infest my mind. There were many and I couldn’t get them out of my head fast enough.  As I result, I began writing them just as quickly as I could type in an effort to get them onto paper and in front of readers.  Characters like Gabe Sharpe needed their escape before I landed myself in a mental institution.  Once I gave my readers a taste of my darkness, they were blood thirsty for more.  I was happy to cut open my newly darkened heart and bleed those words straight into their eager little mouths.

  • I got an orange banner a couple of times. What in the world is an orange banner?  It’s when you make number one in a certain category on Amazon.  Pretty Stolen Dolls and Pretty Lost Dolls with Ker Dukey (writing with one of my favorite authors was another super awesome thing that happened) both got orange banners in romantic thriller/suspense categories and also Mad Sea got an orange banner in sea stories.  And despite my photoshopped graphic of This Isn’t Over, Baby being #1 in Cucumber Kink, that was in fact a joke. HA!  I don’t know why the orange banners are so cool to me but they are.  Allow me my little joy please.

  • I launched another audiobook. The narrator, Steven Barnett, really captured Brax from Dirty Ugly Toy.  It was so awesome to hear my character come to life…even if his voice scared the crap out of me a couple of times.

  • Whispers and the Roars has become my bestselling book to date. It has smashed all of the other books from the past.  For weeks, it has remained in the top 500ish on Amazon which has totally surprised me.  The book has been receiving amazing reviews and is selling well.  What typically is my worst selling month every year has become my best selling month ever in my entire self-publishing career.

  • After three years of self-publishing, I’ve finally been able to contribute significantly to our household income. My husband is proud of me and supports me.  He brags about me to his clients, friends, family, and even his doctors.  Just hearing him tell them about how well my books are doing makes me proud.  It makes me want to do like he says and “Write better books.”  Each and every time, I’ll sure try.  Without his support, this would be difficult.  It’s awesome to have your partner rooting for you and giving you advice along the way.  Even down to the “Does this cover look okay?”  He gives his opinion and I value it.  I’ve yet to yield to his request to kill all the characters at the end due to the “surprise zombie apocalypse” but there’s always next year…

  • I wrote a lot of books. Not just this year but since the beginning.  Sometimes I am so busy going forward that I forget to pause and look around.  There is an entire bookshelf of books that I WROTE.    Not famous authors.  Not friends.  Not celebrities or public figures.  Me.  K Webster.  Silly, funny, nerdy book obsessed Kristi.  The girl who in high school would visit the library on lunch, hide her books behind her textbooks to sneak in reading during class, and would read to avoid doing chores at home.  I took a passion of mine and turned it into a legitimate career.  Books were no longer just a hobby but they were a breadwinning part of my life now.  Talk about dreams coming true.

So I know you’re scratching your head.  You’re wondering what made this year different.  I can’t exactly pinpoint it.  It isn’t an event or a moment.  It’s a feeling.  I feel successful.  I feel proud of how far I’ve come.  I feel as though I’ve done something.  And for me, that’s good enough.

That is…

Until tomorrow.

Then, it’s back to grind.  I have some awesome stories brewing in my head, some beautiful covers I’ve designed sitting on my computer, and I have some new goals just waiting to be smashed.

2016 was epic and I owned that bitch. (Ha!)

2017 has no idea what’s in store for her. (You better run…I’m coming for ya!)

(Yeahhhh, I had to make it creepy.)

Seriously though, thank you for riding along the Krazy K train and being a part of my daily successes.  I know you all see flashes of what makes me happy and you all get happy too.  How awesome is it to all be in this together?  Gotta love the book world…there is no other place like it!

Enjoy your successes.  Every tiny morsel.  At the end of the year, you’ll feel more than satisfied.

Happy New Year and I wish you the best!

K Webster




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5 years ago

I love your books, I just recently came across Whispers and Roars then found the War series and read all 5 books in two days. I can’t wait for the next book on Feb 9th. I’m ready to read it now. U are a great writer and I am going to probably lose my job because I can’t quit reading your books!

Amanda Leigh
5 years ago

I understand what you mean. It’s hard to define success. As long as you feel successful that is what counts.

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