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5 Spicy Romance Books TikTok Isn’t Talking About…But Should Be!

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5 Spicy Romance Books TikTok Isn't Talking About But Should Be!

What is BookTok?

BookTok, a wildly popular hashtag on TikTok, has more than 52 billion views. 52 billion! As a result, books are getting seen in ways they never have before. For an author like myself, the possibility of having one of my books go viral on TikTok isn’t just a dream, but a reality I’ve had the pleasure of seeing.

Authors, publishers, and bookstores are all becoming keenly aware of the power of TikTok as a marketing tool to get books into the hands of more readers. Stores like the Barnes and Noble near me have picked up on this trend and have even gone as far as to have BookTok tables showcasing popular, viral books that customers can easily find. They even have a whole tab on their website dedicated to BookTok! I’ve been lucky enough to have some stores share videos of my books on their tables which is such a WOW moment for sure.

Whispers and the Roars and The Wild are two of my books that have seen phenomenal success on TikTok. When the videos about those books go viral, it 100% translates into sales both on all the book platforms (ie. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, Google Play, Eden Books, Audible, etc) and my website.

That all being said, sometimes TikTok doesn’t find all the hidden gems. That’s what this article is to help with. Here are the spicy books TikTok isn’t talking about…but should.

SpicyTok Books You Need to Read

1) Dirty Ugly Toy

2) Stroke of Midnight

3) The Glue

4) Share Me

5) A Little Bad Bad Bad 


3D Image of Dirty Ugly Toy, a dark romance, by K Webster
A Steamy, Dark Romance Book by K Webster

Dirty Ugly Toy

BookTok loves a sexy romance novels that break all the rules and sometimes makes you cringe. Dirty Ugly Toy, though not ever having gone viral on TikTok, checks all the spicytok boxes. Braxton, the hero, is an arrogant, alphahole billionaire with dark, kinky desires that will having you blushing and probably cursing him all at once.

And the heroine? She’s feisty, mouthy, and goes toe-to-toe with Braxton making her the ultimate match for the broody billionaire with the most bizarre sexual tastes.

But, because this is a K Webster book, you can expect this book to be chock full of emotion, twists and turns you weren’t expecting, and an ultimate happily ever after that’ll leave you satisfied.

“…raw, ugly, gritty, erotic, poignant, disturbing, dark and twisted. And at the same time, intoxicatingly beautiful.” Michelle, Reviewer


Stroke of Midnight, a steamy billionaire romance, by K Webster
A steamy billionaire romance and Cinderella retelling by K Webster



Stroke of Midnight

Another book TikTok is sleeping on is Stroke of Midnight. This Cinderella retelling is unlike any other you’ve read. What makes this book spicytok worthy is that it’s filled with degradation and praise kink.

The main couple play daring games where the heroine’s humiliation can be bought for the right price. Our heroine, Ash, or Cinderelliott as our hero, Winston, calls her, may be young, but she’s able to outsmart Winston both inside and outside of the bedroom.

This book has all the steam factors, but the surprisingly wonderful part of this story is the banter. Ash and Winston have the best conversations, most of which will have you laughing, smirking, or overcome with secondhand embarrassment.

“Brilliant storytelling packed with a powerful emotional punch, it’s been years since I’ve been so invested in a book. Erotic romance at its finest!” – #1 New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken


3D Image of The Glue, a steamy MFM menage romance by K Webster
The Glue is a steamy, MMF romance by K Webster


The Glue

BookTok loves polyamorous romances. Reverse harems are incredibly popular, but so are the menage tropes (a romance involving three people). That’s why, BookTok needs to wake up and read this fiery-hot romance, The Glue.

The Glue is hot for several reasons. First off, it’s MMF, which means all three of the characters “touch” each other. Often, you’ll see MFM where the guys don’t touch, but in this case, they all three touch interchangeably. Secondly, it’s hot because there is a professor/student trope, a workplace romance, and of course, my favorite, age gaps between the characters.

This book is about a couple, Vaughn and Vale, who are on the brink of divorce. That is, until Aiden enters their lives. Aiden is much younger than the couple, but he brings them together in a way nothing or no one else can. He’s the glue on a marriage that’s falling apart. Along with all the super-hot sex scenes, this book is balanced with a lot of emotional moments. It’s a perfect mix.

“This was freaking wonderful. Has all the feels with lots of smutty goodness. What more could a girl want? Definitely one of my favs this year!” – Alexa Riley, New York Times Bestselling Author



Share Me by Ker Dukey and K Webster
Share Me by Ker Dukey and K Webster

Share Me

As referenced above, reverse harems are HOT on booktok. Take one look at this cover and you can see why. Four guys who adore, worship, and pleasure the heroine? Yes, please. This book, though hotter than hell (and super messy in some scenes–we’ll leave the breedertok discussion for another day), has a great suspenseful storyline and an emotional undercurrent that’ll keep you engaged.

Ker Dukey, my co-author and friend, wrote this KKinky Reads Collection story with me when we were aching to take a step away from our usual dark romances we were known for publishing together. It was fun to step away from the heavy and dip our toes into the decadently delicious kinky world we created. Share Me is the beginning of an entire kinky series (of standalones) that hit several hot spots. The others are Choke Me, Daddy Me, Watch Me, Hurt Me, and Play Me.

Share Me should be on every spicytok booklist because it’s reverse harem and super spicy, both of which the spicytok hashtag followers love!

“A little bit of mystery and intrigue and a whole lotta burning up the sheets, table, counters, showers…um…yeah. Scrumdillyumptious.” – Goodreads Reviewer



A Little Bad Bad Bad by K Webster
A Little Bad Bad Bad, a steamy age-gap taboo treat, by K Webster

A Little Bad Bad Bad

I’ve saved the filthiest for last. A Little Bad Bad Bad is straight up FILTH. It’s also two stories in one book! The first story follows Brandt. He finds himself unable to resist his best friend’s daughter. Even though he’s old enough to be her father, and loves her father like a brother, he bites into the forbidden. When her father finds out, he’ll surely kill him. Did I mention her father’s the sheriff of their town?

The second story is about the sheriff and his daughter’s best friend. He’s all about upholding the law and she loves to break it. Sheriff’s old enough to be her father, and to know better, but he finds himself the biggest hypocrite of all when he embarks on this sexy, taboo relationship with his daughter’s best friend.

This book is hella hot. So hot, Amazon banned the original version, Bad Bad Bad. Booktok loves a good, banned book, but add in the insanely hotness of this book, and it’s sure to be a spicytok fave. They just have to read it first.



Any of these hot books strike your fancy?

Make sure to share on TikTok if you read any of these books! It’s your duty as a spicy romance reader to share the love of super-hot books like these that other book lovers need to read too! If you do, don’t forget to tag me @authorkwebster so I can give it a like and a comment!


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