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6 Dark Mafia Romance Books You Can’t Sleep On Any Longer

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6 Dark Mafia Romance Books

If you’re like me then you LOVE a dark, gritty, suspenseful and SUPER HOT mafia romance! Lucky for you, I have several you absolutely must read. Warning, these books will push your boundaries, make you cringe, and of course have you swooning for each and every antihero! Let’s check ’em out…

The V Games (3-Book Complete Series)

Vlad, Ven, and Vas make up the thrilling, depraved V Games series. These Russian mafia men are ruthless and will do anything for the ones they love. Vlad starts this series with a bang so make sure you grab it first here.

The V Games Series Graphic

The V Games complete series can also be found in one convenient boxed omnibus you can check out here.

El Malo (Standalone)

This spicy-hot Mexican mafia romance standalone is a perfect summer read. Javier Estrada is the king of Mexico. He rules with an iron fist and is brutal to all his enemies. But, his biggest enemy, the CIA, has a female operative undercover as a maid and living under his own roof.  She’ll go beyond the call of duty to imbed herself in his world…but what happens when he finds out? You can read El Malo here.

El Malo by K Webster bookstackEl Malo by K Webster bookstack

Truths and Lies (Complete Duet)

Hidden Truths is the start of an addictive, heart-pumping arranged marriage Greek mafia romance. She’s put up by her father to pay a debt. Her duty is to marry the most ruthless man in Greece. He’s brutal but handsome. Everything gets complicated quickly because she’s not supposed to fall for the enemy. You can read Hidden Truths first here and then hop over to Stolen Lies here. Or, you could read the duet in one convenient boxed set here.

Hidden Truths and Stolen Lies graphic

Hope you get a chance to read these awesome books! Happy reading!

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