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Why is The Wild banned? 

The Wild is a book that pushes the boundaries of traditional love stories. It doesn’t follow Amazon (and other retailers) publishing guidelines. The story is fiction and will make you uncomfortable, but it’s a challenging read that will get your heart pumping. Please heed the warning on that story. 

Where can I buy your banned books?

I have many “banned” and “unsafe for Amazon” books available only on my website and Eden Books. You can find a list here. These are available for purchase both on ebook and paperback format on my site. 

How many books do you have published?

I have over a hundred books published. You can find a free checklist to download here

Do you only write taboo or dark books?

No! I write some of everything. I have books that span over many genres and subgenres. There’s something for everyone. Check out the reading guide here if you’re looking for something specific. 

How long have you been writing? 

I’ve been writing since December of 2013 and published my first book, Broken, in February of 2014. 

Do you have audiobooks?

Yes! I have many, many audiobooks. Check out the list here

Will there be more Taboo Treats?

I love the Taboo Treat world and hope to write more soon. Currently, it feels complete to me, but as stories arise that could fit in that world, I will add them. 

Will you write more books like The Wild and Hale?

I’ll write whatever comes to me. Those types of stories are near and dear to me. If they storyline materializes in my head, I will certainly write it. 

I loved the books you’ve written with Ker Dukey. Will you be writing any other stories in The V Games world like the much-anticipated Madmen of Moscow?

Ker and I love writing together. While we’re both busy, we do find time to squeeze in some writing time here and there. We have big plans, so stay tuned because we’ve only just gotten started!

Will there be more books in the Brigs Ferry Bay world?

Yes! Misty Walker and I are in love with that town. Make sure you check out our podcast, Open Book Besties, where we often discuss our writing updates. We plan to write many more books in this world as time goes on. 

You have so many books. Where should I start? 

A good dabble into the K Webster world would be Dirty Ugly Toy or My Torin or The Day She Cried. Each of these books gives you a taste of my writing style. They’re also all standalones, so you can check my book out without a series commitment. 

What is the most-bought book you’ve written?

Whispers and the Roars has outsold every single book. It’s a reader favorite for sure. Warning, it does contain dark themes. Also, it’s best to go absolutely blind into this story (without reading reviews) because it’ll be best enjoyed that way. It’s one of those books where everything seems a bit confusing until it all locks into place. It took the longest for me to write because there was so much research involved. 

Do you have free books?

Just for signing up for my newsletter, you’ll be given access to some awesome freebies! Also, I have some free novellas on my site you can grab here. Additionally, I have permanently free books like This is War, Baby, Broken, Rock Country, Give Me Yesterday, Erased, and many more like Love Trips, Time Served, and Hoodlum Heat! I also have multiple titles in Kindle Unlimited if you’re a part of that program. 

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