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K Webster Interview: Instagram Questions Answered

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K Webster Interview: Instagram Questions Answered

K Webster’s First Book Signing in Dallas, Texas

Recently, I made a post on Instagram asking for subject material for my blog posts that the readers were interested in. It sort of turned into a place for questions, so I thought I’d make this post answering all those questions and expanding on the topics people suggested. I’m an open book (snorts at pun), so I’m always happy to answer questions! Let’s get started!

Questions and Answers

@Nicoledauthor says, “I want to hear about more of the Brigs Ferry Bay Series and Hood River!” – The Brigs Ferry Bay series I wrote with Misty Walker will continue to grow as we add books to that collection. Stay tuned. As for the Hood River Hoodlums, I would love to dive back into their world one day soon. Right now, they’re not speaking to me, so I have to wait until they do!

@rebelrosies asks, “Can you say more to us about the Pretty Little Dolls becoming a movie?” – Recently, I made a post on TikTok with a video of the pilot episode screenplay Ker Dukey and I wrote for Pretty Stolen Dolls. We’re trying to make something happen and would love for it to get made into a Netflix series. I’m going to go ahead and dreamcast Evan Peters because he’d make the perfect Benny!

@nany7806 says, “About your little girl, or about Dirty Ugly Toy, or you as a cover designer.” – My daughter is sassy and talkative and busy. I don’t know where she gets it from… (insert sarcasm) We spent the past year with me being her homeschool teacher. Let’s just say I was a horrible teacher and she was a horrible student. Talk about a major struggle! Next year, when she goes off to sixth grade, it’ll be at an actual school and I won’t be in charge of her learning. I cannot wait…ha!

Hmmm, and what can I say about Dirty Ugly Toy or me as a cover designer? Maybe I could combine both of those and let you all know that I design most of my covers. There are several that are for group collections or with publishers or certain co-writes that I haven’t designed, but overall, I usually do them. I love Photoshop and making pretty art! Dirty Ugly Toy was supposed to just have a filthy looking woman on the front. There was just something about it that wasn’t right, so I got a little artsy and added a splotch over her eye. It was just weird enough it made you want to stop and look at it. Thus far, it’s one of my most talked about covers.

@books2lovenow asks, “What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to write that you haven’t yet?” – I would love to write teen or YA stories. I’m working my way toward some, so maybe one day this will be a reality for me. I’m working on a Wattpad story called Crux Year about two sixteen year old boys who are matched for marriage in a dystopian world where no females exist. Have a read for free here. I also wrote a couple more stories over on Wattpad that won in the contests they were entered in. It’s a great place for me to dabble in other genres that I’ve never written in.

@books2lovenow asks, “How do you write settings that are so vivid without overshadowing the main story? Same with your secondary characters?” – I always think of settings as a side character. It has its own charms, quirks, problems, beauty, etc. But, since it’s a side character, it doesn’t get all the focus. My main characters get all the attention and everyone else takes a back seat.

@books2lovenow asks, “How you came to write taboo stories… Did you jump right in or was it a gradual process?” – I’ve always enjoyed stories with taboo themes. However, most of the ones I’d read all ended in tragedy or badly. There weren’t many HEAs the way I liked them. So, I set out to write some that ended happily despite rules and laws and whatever else might stand in the characters’ way. Read more about my super taboo stories in my blog post here called 6 Best Incest Books to Make You Question Your Morals.

@books2lovenow says, “I’m okay with mom venting or wife venting too. I always love when people I idolize their realness.” – I have the same wife/mom woes as everyone else, but I’m not one to vent about stuff like that. Trust me, though, I have the same issues as everyone else. I’ve yelled at both kids today about attitudes and not doing their chores. Books are my way of escaping when life gets too “real.”

@books2lovenow asks, “What real life people, pets, or situations have either inspired or ended up in your writing?” – One of my favorite real life pets that made it into a story is my friend, Jillian’s, pit bull named Harvey Benjamin. I quizzed her on his quirks and nicknames and other fun things and now he’ll forever be Rome’s dog in The Day She Cried.

@books2lovenow asks, “A lot of bright happy people on the outside struggle with perfectionism, self-confidence, and/or depression at different times in their lives. Is this something that fuels your writing?” – For sure. I think everyone, no matter how seemingly happy, deals with these issues. I’m 100% a perfectionist and am extremely hard on myself when I “fail.” I also suffer from terrible anxiety that requires medication. Because I know what this stuff feels like, I absolutely channel it into my writing. I use those deep emotions to tap into those of my characters. It’s therapeutic.

@books2lovenow asks, “Is there something be it religion, a bully, a teacher, a critic that lit the fire that made you the writer you are today?” – I don’t think there’s a certain person who drove me toward writing. However, I’m an extremely stubborn person. When I’m met with adversity or am told I can’t do something, I’ll do everything in my power to complete what I set out to do and with flying colors.

@books2lovenow asks, “Do you have an inspiration for your dirty talkers in your stories?” – My husband taught me everything I know… 😉 Just ask him. Ha!

Fun fact…(not fun according to my husband): “K Webster’s husband” is a widely searched phrase for some reason on Google and I can’t be more amused by this if I tried. It makes me wonder who’s out there looking him up and why. This makes him feel super awkward. I can only imagine how Ken, BB Easton’s husband, feels as one of my favorite books, 44 Chapters About 4 Men, was based on their life story. Even more so now that it’s been made into a Netflix Original Series called Sex/Life starring Sarah Shahi, Adam Demos, and Mike Vogel. If you haven’t watched the show, do it. If you haven’t read the book, go now and grab it. Misty Walker and I discussed the book and the Netflix series in depth on our most recent Open Book Bestie podcast that you can have a listen to here.

@marissajgramoll says, “I’d love to hear what has helped you the most with your indie publishing journey!” – Watch and learn. I’m a huge believer in observing those around you, seeing what works or what doesn’t, and carving out your own path. There are also great resources in groups like Alessandre Torre’s Inkers group on Facebook. I’m always watching video and taking courses trying to learn more.

@melissab1981 says, “I’m wanting to hear more about Hood River and if there’s going to be a second generation and what other books are to come from you.” – I would love to write more in the Hood River Hoodlums series! There are stories in my head for all of them, but they’re still simmering. Hopefully one day soon!

@giselledai_ asks, “Any of your books a personal fantasy?” – The entire alien kidnapping/breeder series, Lost Planet series… Kidding. Maybe.

@lucianapili says, “I just read Zeke’s Eden. I would like to know if you’re planning on writing the next book in the series.” – This book. Geez. I’ve never had characters go silent on me like Zeke has. I’ve written probably a third of this book and then it fizzled. Rather than reviving something that’s a struggle for me, I keep moving on and on and on. Maybe one day I’ll post what I’ve written for free on Wattpad and maybe then I’ll be more apt to add to it!

Some Other Popular Searches

Since people seem to search for this stuff a lot, according to my research, I figured I’d include it here for easy finding. The most popular are as follows. Just click to get to find the answers:

That’s all, folks…

Thanks for reading this unusual blog post. As always, I’m open to answering your questions and reading your comments. Contact me any time!


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