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Kindle Vella has Launched Our Story, The Dolls’ House by Webster Duke!

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You heard it…Kindle Vella is live! Me and my amazing co-writer, Ker Dukey, are pleased to bring you a brand-new story that touches on our beloved Pretty Little Dolls and V Games series! The Dolls’ House introduces new characters while also giving you a peek at your favorite ones. You’ll be thrilled once you find out who! If you’re new to us, this is a great way to immerse yourself in our dark, twisted romantic world! The first three Kindle Vella episodes are completely free!


Free Kindle Vella Episodes?!


Yes! Check out the free episodes of The Dolls’ House by Webster Duke here:


What is Kindle Vella?

Kindle Vella is new platform from KDP allowing authors to publish serialized fiction for their US readers (hopefully other countries soon) on mobile devices and online. You’re able to purchase tokens in order to read stories. Super easy and fun!
Kindle Vella allows you to follow, fave, and thumbs up your favorite stories and episodes. Those familiar with Wattpad, Radish, etc will enjoy this. If you’re not familiar, it’s a great time to check it out.
For more information on Kindle Vella, watch this video.

What is The Dolls’ House About?


Eloise Vasiliev finds herself in a twisted web of deceit as she begins seeking answers about her missing home tutor, but when she goes to her parents for information, all she ends up with are more questions than answers.
If there’s nothing to hide, then why are they lying to her?
In this thrilling tale of “who done it,” there are truths Eloise must face about herself and her family.
Secrets have a habit of being exposed, and in the world of the Vasilievs, that comes with deadly consequences…

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Want to read where it all started? Check out Pretty Stolen Dolls (Book 1 in the Pretty Little Dolls series) or Vlad (Book 1 in the V Games series).

Tell us what you think!


We’d love to hear what you think about this new story! Writing in episodic format was a real blast for us and we look forward to doing it again. If you enjoyed our stories, make sure to give them a thumbs up, leave comments or reviews, and follow us on Kindle Vella so you never miss a thing! Happy reading!

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