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A Little Bad Bad Bad


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She’s all grown up.
My best friend’s daughter is now the ultimate temptation.
Hot. Sultry. A craving I can’t ignore.
I’ll break the rules of a lifelong friendship just to have a taste.

But one taste isn’t enough.

He’ll kill me once he realizes I’ve broken the unspoken code.
As the town’s sheriff, I know he’s more than capable.
Problem is, I don’t care.

I want her again and again because she’s mine.
I’ll take my chances with her father because the reward is that sweet.

It feels good to be a little BAD BAD BAD…

***This story is an edited “safe” version of a previous “unsafe” edition found on K’s website.***

Enjoy the entire Taboo Treat series today!

A Little BAD BAD BAD (originally Bad Bad Bad)
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The Glue
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***These can be read in any order as they’re meant to stand alone from each other but set in the same naughty town. Each book follows a different couple.***


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