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Alpha & Omega (Book 1)


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One smile. One damn beautiful smile infected my heart and soul with such a force that I nearly exploded. All hopes of the afterlife and the eagerness to leave this one vanished with that one handsome smile. 


My heart gave one painful thud and began beating for the first time in its life. 

And then he spoke. The beautiful smile had an even more beautiful voice. And with each word, each joke, and, eventually, each touch, I intertwined my soul so intricately with his that I never had a chance of letting go. I fell in love. And suddenly, life wasn’t long enough.


‘Til Death.


This is bad. But oh so good. The first kiss we shared was a glimpse into her soul. Her past. Her pain. This kiss is yet another glimpse into her soul. This time, fire and heat. And me.

The thought of her in eternal, torturous agony sends rage swirling in my veins. She can’t die. She can’t go to Hell. It doesn’t make sense. Then a dark thought enters my mind. I’ll protect her. Forever.


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