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Crushed [eBook]


This is an eBook version of Crushed (Book 5 Breaking the Rules Series).



We’ve been through a lot.
Two broken people who found each other and somehow became whole.
Life should be perfect for us.

But it’s not.
In fact, life is really hard.

My wife wants to grow our family, but life has other plans.
Failure breaks new pieces of her every single day.
I barely recognize the woman she’s become.

She’s broken. Crushed. Destroyed.
I feel her pulling away with every passing second.

We may be drifting apart, but I’m not giving up on her.
I’ll do anything to fix her.

We’ll make it to the other side.
Even if I have to carry her the whole way.

This is book five in the series and a companion novella to Broken but can be read as a standalone.