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Crybaby is a taboo treat.  All characters are of legal age and everyone consents to the sexual acts involved.  This story is a hot one!




Two people with vicious tongues.

A desperate temptation neither can ignore.

An injury has changed her entire life.

She’s crippled, hopeless, and angry.

And the only one who can lessen her pain is him.

Being the boss is sometimes a pain in the ass.

He’s irritated, impatient, and doesn’t play games.

Yet he’s the only one willing to fight her…for her.



Out of control.

Someone is going to get hurt.

And, oh, how painfully sweet that will be.


eBook, Paperback

5 reviews for Crybaby

  1. Amanda Söderlund

    This book was BEYOND amazing. I looked forward to these characters story more than you could ever know. IT WAS EVERYTHING and THEN SOME! I’ll never let K stop writing taboo, she writes it like NO OTHER.

    This story really gripped my heart, set my panties on fire, AND gave me ALLLL the feels!! Without saying too much, since I want y’all to experience it the same way I did. All I’m gonna say is… READ IT!!

  2. Lily Garcia

    4.25 stars! The Queen of taboo is back and better than ever!

    Can I just say that I am so happy K Webster hasn’t been deterred and continues to give us these enjoyable taboo forbidden love stories, with age gaps and tons of babies?!

    I do have to warn though: do NOT wear any panties when reading this book cos they’ll just be drenched! No one likes doing laundry right? #SaveAPair?

    I loved this hate-to-love story that slowly builds up until both Drew and Sophia can’t fight it anymore. The sexual tension and the sex scenes were scorching hot! This series with interconnected characters has become one of my favorite taboo treats this year (see what I did there?) and I can’t wait to read more of it!

  3. Paula

    First of all Drew is mine lol .. A fast sexy, panty melting book that at the end I wanted more way more! Sophia and Drew both stubborn and darn right strong that there so much like each other it makes ya laugh. Sophia reminded me so much as myself wanting to give up but needed that push from someone that you don’t even realize it till it all comes right in your face. Then there is my man Drew sigh a sexy alpha male that doesn’t care what anyone thinks he wants something it’s his no matter what the cost. Drew loves hard so hard I bawled at one point in the book (read it you will know what part) well if you love K webster as much as I do you will really enjoy this book filled with angst and so much hotness that you need a cold shower to cool yourself off after reading. 5/5 ass/crybaby stars *** I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Copy of this book ***

  4. Colleen Giminiani (verified owner)

    Crybaby was short, sexy and sweet. Totally loved the atmosphere that the author brought to this book and devoured it in one sitting. Crybaby has a connection to K. Webster’s soon to be released Malfeasance which is in Drawn to Him: a collection of romance. I loved how the author connected these stories and dug a little deeper into Sophia and who she is and why. The new elements brought were fantastic as I have already read Malfeasance and LOVED Judge Rowe which is Sophia’s “Crybaby” father. Crybaby had some intense and hot chapters and a plot that pieced the story as a fulfilling whole.

    There has been a lot of heat towards this author and her writing. I will continue to read said books and base my honest review off of my opinion and my opinion only.

    I would absolutely recommend Crybaby to fellow readers! I felt it was a mild taboo read and totally worth reading!!

  5. Brittany

    Taboo-ish Hotness!

    I mean, this book would totally be taboo in some minds, but it was only mildly taboo with an age gap. That totally did nothing to stop it from being hot though!

    K Webster is the perfect go-to author for something deliciously sexy and verging on the taboo side. And she delivered just that in Crybaby.

    I hate to give away any details and this is a short one, so I won’t even try to tell you specifics of what I liked. Just highly recommend it.

    *It is only available through the author’s website as of right now.*

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