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Give Me Yesterday

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High powered divorce lawyer, Victoria Larkin, is known as the ice queen. Tough. Emotionless. What they don’t know is that ten years ago, she lost everything. Including her hope for the future.


Chase Monroe struggles with his own demons. Devastated by guilt and on a mission to correct his past, he uses his skills as a college psychology professor to help others move beyond their grief.


When Victoria is forced to attend grief counseling, she meets Chase, and there is an instant attraction. Chase is determined to help her confront her past and find happiness. Victoria is afraid to re-live her pain.


Just as they begin to step forward, tragedy strikes and throws them backwards, and they find themselves, once again, shackled to the past.


Can Chase and Victoria find the path to a happy future together? Or will they forever be wishing for yesterday?



eBook, Paperback


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