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Laska [eBook]


This is an eBook version of Laska.



He’s the backbone and the strength of our small family. Sure, Dad is technically bigger and stronger, but Laska is just…more. Intelligent and clever and the best at everything. When times are rough, it’s Laska who pulls us through. When food is scarce, it’s Laska who provides the bait and traps and weapons needed to hunt. When it’s colder than hell, it’s Laska who keeps us warm.


For as long as I can remember, Laska has been the cold, pale moon hanging above me, giving me something to look up to. Something to light up my darkness.


I love Laska more than a brother ever should.


In the Alaskan wilderness, there are no rules.

Love can’t be tamed or controlled.


I’ll do anything for Laska.


MM – Dark Romance – Horror (short story)