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Lost with You


Never have I ever gotten completely and utterly lost.

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From USA Today Bestselling Author K Webster comes a heartwarming and sweet neurodivergent gay romance!


Never have I ever gotten completely and utterly lost.


That single thread in the “Meet Local Friends” was supposed to be for people like me—those who never have gotten lost—but it quickly became a drop-off for everyone’s most outrageous stories of the worst time they got lost.


That irked me.


So many comments.

Every last one of them was a story of getting lost. 

Until one.

Dallas Drew.


I’m from one of the largest cities in the US, am on the high-functioning end of the ASD spectrum, and never have I ever gotten lost.  


Finally, it was someone who got me. 


And now I’m throwing caution to the wind to meet a stranger in a valiant effort to see if we can get lost together.


Only problem is, he’s hot, charming, and wonderful.

Everything I’m not.

Of course I’d fall for someone way out of my league.

But, I’ll be trapped in a car with him and I’m determined to convince him he could want me too…

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