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My Torin (New Cover)


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Casey always gets the short end of the stick—abandoned as an infant, bounced around the foster system, and struggles daily with her mental health. She wants one good thing to happen to her. Just one. And then it does.

Tyler Kline is too good to be true. Handsome, caring, rich. Best of all, he doesn’t seem annoyed with her constant fidgeting, unfiltered mouth, and inability to stay focused.

It’s as though he actually likes these things about her.

Her whole life, she’s been a nuisance. Someone else’s burden. Tyler wants to take her in and give her a home—his home. It’s a dream come true.

But Tyler isn’t quite what he seems.
He lives in a windowless house in the middle of nowhere.
His mood swings are sudden and confusing.
And he’s hiding something, or in this case, someone…his mysterious autistic brother, Torin.

Casey should leave before things get too complicated and her heart gets broken. Leaving, though, means giving up this new, imperfect “found family,” and she’s not entirely sure she wants to.

Even if love is strange. Even if love hurts. It has to be worth it in the end, right?

Your next emotional, mind-blowing read on love, loss, and unlocking answers to mental health. Casey is a strong heroine who finds a happily ever after in the most unusual way.


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