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Whispers and the Roars [eBook]

Notice [eBook]

Dirty Ugly Toy [eBook]

Sweet Jayne [eBook]

El Malo [eBook]

Cold Cole Heart [eBook]

This is Love, Baby [eBook]

This Isn’t Over, Baby [eBook]

This Isn’t You, Baby [eBook]

This is Me, Baby [eBook]

This Isn’t Fair, Baby [eBook]

This is the End, Baby [eBook]

Koyn [eBook]

Copper [eBook]

Dragon [eBook]

Love and War [eBook]

Additional $5

The Pretty Little Dolls Series Omnibus [eBook]

Additional $5

Love Story Vault: Dark Romance (Vol. 1) [eBook]

Additional $10

The Day She Cried [eBook]

My Torin [eBook]

Horn River Bully [eBook]

Little Hornet [eBook]

Mr. Angry Hornet [eBook]

River Knight [eBook]

Wrong [eBook]

Scarred [eBook]

Mistake [eBook]

Crushed [eBook]

Break All the Rules Omnibus [eBook]

Additional $5

Rock Heart [eBook]

Rock Bottom [eBook]

Vegas Rock Star Love Omnibus [eBook]

Additional $5

Love and Law [eBook]

Moth to a Flame [eBook]

The Road Back to Us [eBook]

Untimely You [eBook]

Surviving Harley [eBook]

Love Story Vault: Contemporary Romance [eBook]

Additional $10

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