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Rock Bottom [eBook]


This is an eBook version of Rock Bottom (Book 3 Vegas Aces Series).



All I care about is banging drums and banging groupies.
I’m not sure life gets any better than that.
So why is there still this gaping hole in the middle of my chest that I can’t seem to fill no matter how many wicked drugs I get my hands on?

My best friends and bandmates have fallen in love.
The tour is over which means now I’m all alone.
Everyone goes about their way while I’m left behind.
It sucks and the loneliness is taking its toll.

I spiral out of control until I finally hit rock bottom.
You can’t go any lower than nearly sending yourself six feet under.

A chance encounter with a gorgeous woman from my past changes everything.
Nora is hell-bent on saving me from the paparazzi, obsessive groupies, my callous father, but most importantly…myself.

She’s perfect in every way.
Hot. Sassy. Fiercely protective over those she loves.
I don’t deserve someone like her.

I want to be the kind of man, though, who gets and keeps a girl like Nora.
But, with my destructive past, I’m not sure that I am…

Rock Bottom is a steamy, emotional rockstar romance about a drummer on his spiral down, but who finds love and climbs his way back out. This is book three in the Vegas Aces trilogy. Book one is Rock Country and book two is Rock Heart. Each book follows a different band member. TW: Drug use/overdose and depression.