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Rock Heart (New Cover)


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I’m the lead singer for the hottest band in the world.
When I step on stage, our fans go insane.
This is the best gig a guy could ask for.
Yet, I’m not happy.

My girlfriend is a cheater who uses me, my best friend is nauseatingly sick in love with his childhood sweetheart, and now we’re losing our irreplaceable bassist.

Things begin to look up, though, when a rock-and-roll bad-ass chick, Ryan, who plays the bass like a star joins our band. There’s only one problem. She’s hot and an absolute distraction.

When we all go on tour and are crammed in a tour bus literally on top of one another, my life begins to unravel. Tempers flare. Passions ignite. And people get burned.

Ryan is different than any woman I’ve been with—sweet, funny, kind.
Best of all, she’s not cruel and manipulative like my ex.

But, as our tour continues, Ryan’s secrets begin to reveal themselves, each of them leading me to realize I don’t know her at all. I can’t help but wonder if I’m falling into another pattern—one filled with more lies and betrayal.

I’m not sure I can go down this path again, putting my heart on the line, only for it to be destroyed by someone who was supposed to love me.

There’s only so much my heart can handle…


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