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Saving the Lost Planet (Vol 3)


Stolen by aliens. Trapped on a dangerous planet.
Their only hope is survival.


Life is no longer bleak on Mortuus. We’ve been gifted human females who complete us in every way. Love, happiness, and family are no longer dreams, but our reality.

Our happily ever afters are threatened, though, by more than just incurable diseases and harsh storms on our planet.


They’re our biggest threat and they’re coming in droves.
We have no chance against an army of them as there are a lot more of them than us.

But we have something they don’t.
A feral, possessive desire to protect what belongs to us at all costs.
It makes us dangerous and unstoppable.

They can come for our females…
But they won’t be leaving with their lives or our women.

We may be the Lost Planet, but losing the ones we love to a bunch of human monsters isn’t a rekking option.
We’ll go to war and we will win.

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