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The Teacher of Nothing and The Tangle of Awful Bundle



The Teacher of Nothing

He’s a grumpy teacher with a chip on his shoulder. She’s his much, much younger student who’s completely off-limits.

Love broke me when I was a teen.

My dad not only slept with my girlfriend, but he knocked her up and made her my stepmom, too. Nearly two decades later and I’m still not over it.

How can I be when they’re a daily reminder of what was stolen from me?


Being a teacher isn’t necessarily my passion, but pissing my dad off is.

He thinks teaching is beneath our family and I love watching him squirm.


But the joke’s on me.


I’m completely obsessed with the quiet, beautiful girl in my class.

Always staring at her perfect lips when no one’s looking.

She’s so young—too young for me.

Something about her, though, is just so sad and I can’t seem to stop thinking about her.


I want to comfort her. To hold her.

To teach her filthy lessons while in the sanctity of my bedroom.


And yet, I can’t.

Not only would I lose my job and bring humiliation down on the others in my family who don’t deserve the heat, but I’d be just like him. My father. A sicko chasing some girl he has no business going after. I refuse to let that happen.


Until I’m forced to protect her when no one else will.

Everything changes and I cross a line I’m not sure I can come back from.


It turns out, I’m exactly like my father.

A selfish man hell-bent on ruining everyone’s lives over a teenage girl.


***This is a complete standalone novel with a happily ever after. Characters are of legal age.***


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The Tangle of Awful

He’s a successful attorney with a secret craving for his too-young stepdaughter.

He wants her badly. But his wicked son wants her too… 


Love is an illusion.

In my world, collecting the shiniest trophies is what I do. 

Beautiful wife. Swanky home. Expensive cars. Successful firm. Future attorney general.

Add in the Park family name and I’m the envy of every man in town.

True love, however, was never attainable, no matter how much I secretly wanted it.


The desire to be loved isn’t my only secret.

My wife is missing.

With my life under scrutiny as I run for office, I’m finding it difficult to lie away her whereabouts. People are starting to notice. My political opponent. Her best friend. And worst of all, my wife’s daughter, Aubrey.


Aubrey is finally back home after two long years with her dad, but she’s asking questions I don’t have answers to. Yet, that’s not all she’s doing…

She’s invading my thoughts and my heart, driving me insane with her beauty and vulnerability.  


I want her.

She’s barely legal and my wife’s daughter.

Forbidden and morally wrong.

I can’t have her. I can’t.


My son, though, doesn’t live by the same code I do.

He wants her too.

But not to love…to destroy.


I’ll risk everything to keep him from her.

Even if this tangle of awful costs me my reputation, my campaign, and my son.

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***This is a complete mfm standalone novel with a happily ever after. Characters are of legal age and there is no romantic involvement between blood relations. *** 

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