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White Rabbit



They call him a god.

Tall. Handsome. Charismatic.

Every girl’s dream boyfriend.

Not mine. I know better. To me, he’s a nightmare. A snake in the grass with sharp teeth and an even sharper tongue.  Vicious.  Violent.  Freaking crazy.

Land McPherson.

Most popular guy at school…and my enemy.

His sights are set on making my life a living hell.

I should run far, far away from the evil boy with a beautiful face.

But he’ll soon learn I don’t scare so easily.

Though he calls me White Rabbit, I’m not to be preyed upon.

This girl has claws and she fights back.

The hunter becomes the prey…

MF – High School Bully Romance – Dark Romance (short story)  

© 2022 Author K Webster - All rights reserved.

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