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This Enemies to Lovers Romance Will Steal Your Heart

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The Day She Cried by K Webster

It was a joke that got out of hand. A silly attempt to catfish the weird girl. I wasn’t supposed to actually like her. And I certainly never meant to hurt her…


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The Day She Cried was a book I wrote when my emotions were extremely raw after the internet stress that went on with The Wild. Rather than letting it get me down, I channeled all of my thoughts and feelings into this story. I really believe you can feel the pain and heartbreak in this story, but since it’s a romance, I also give you lots of love, steam, and the ultimate happily ever after!


“I’m just going to get straight to the point. This story was raw, tragic, gut-wrenching, beautiful, sad, and so damn good!”
– Beneath The Covers Blog, Blogger


Here’s the blurb for The Day She Cried:

From USA Today bestselling author K Webster comes a gripping new adult, bully romance standalone!

It was a joke that got out of hand. A silly attempt to catfish the weird girl. I wasn’t supposed to actually like her. And I certainly never meant to hurt her.

Yet, that’s exactly what I did.

I destroyed Raven Murray’s heart, and ultimately her life.

Now I’m paying for my part in her demise. Jail time. Restitution. Guilt. I’m no longer the happy, popular girl who had everything.

I have nothing and it’s absolutely what I deserve.

Her brother, Rome, thinks I deserve less than nothing. He wants me to hurt. To feel the same pain she felt. For me to drown in my own tears.

He’ll stop at nothing to get his justice.

His obsession with tearing me down consumes him. I become his single focus.

Somewhere along the way, the line between love and hate disappears.

I can’t fall for the guy whose sister I killed, because he’ll never be able to love me back. But my heart says I already have…

**The Day She Cried is a new adult enemies-to-lovers romance standalone. There are triggers in this story including suicide, self-harm, catfishing, bullying, and some sexual violence.**


“This is a heartbreaking love story with love that was never meant to be, love that grew from grief and hate. It brings to light how cruel the world can be and how you can never judge a book by it cover, never see a smile and always believe it’s real.”Reviewer


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The Day She Cried by K Webster Teaser


I don’t know where to begin with this review. I don’t know how to fully explain this book. Because in all honesty, I can’t. There is so much to it, so much raw, brutal hurt and so much breathtaking beauty.
– Sophie, Reviewer


The Day She Cried by K Webster Teaser


The Day She Cried by K. Webster brought me to a speechless state. I sat there on my couch afterwards simply replaying this book in my head. It spoke volumes and tugged on my heartstrings.”
– Colleen G, Reviewer


The Day She Cried wolf teaser


Here’s an excerpt of The Day She Cried:  

Rome looks harder than I remember. Edgier. Meaner. He certainly didn’t have the giant raven tattoo on the side of his neck last time I saw him. One wing of the bird spreads out over the front of his throat just under his Adam’s apple and the other wing wraps around the back of his neck. His black hair is less shaggy than I remember. It’s buzzed short on the sides and back, but the hair on top is longish, flopping down across one of his brows. If I wasn’t afraid of him, I’d be captivated by him.
“I, uh, um,” I choke out as I drop the menus on the table with a trembling hand.
Rome sits on one side of the booth alone and his eyes bore into me. I chance a look at him. Last time I saw him was months and months ago at the hearing. Tonight, I’m shocked to see him wearing a fitted tank top. No hoodie. No long-sleeved shirt.
Bare arms.
Tattooed, muscular arms.
I always assumed he was thin and twiggy, but now I can see I was wrong.
He looks like he could crush me.
The evil glint in his glare says he’d like to.
“I want a vanilla shake, Diner Barbie,” one of the guys opposite of Rome says with a laugh. The guy has a shaved head but has a burly brown beard. He’s older, maybe late thirties. His stomach is rounded from probably drinking too many milkshakes.
I frown but scramble to get my pad out from my apron. “Uh, sure. And you?” I ask the other man. This guy has nearly black eyes. He’s not as jovial as his friend.
Swallowing, I turn to regard Rome. His eyes have never moved. He continues to stare unabashedly at me. “Do you have any specials? Like resurrection of the dead?” he sneers.
I’m so taken aback by his question that I stumble back a step. Heat floods up my throat and settles on my cheeks, but it’s the tears I have trouble containing. His words make me think of her. His sister.


The Day She Cried by K Webster paperbacks with fall decor


“The writing as always is amazing, the characters so well developed you find yourself connected to them almost instantly – liking some of them may be another matter, but through a tragedy a story is born.” – Teri, Reviewer


The Day She Cried Audiobook


Erin Mallon and Noah Michael Levine do such a great job narrating this story! They manage to pull out all the emotions while also making the steamy times in the book SUPER HOT!


The Day She Cried Original Cover by K Webster


If you’re looking for an enemies to lovers, emotional, college-age romance with some heat, you definitely need to check out The Day She Cried. Hope you enjoyed this fun book spotlight! This story is one that will always be special to my heart! Please share this post with all your book loving friends or let me know in the comments what other books of mine you’d like to see spotlighted! Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this post, make sure you check out 9 Best Romance Books for Adults in 2022! 


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