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Top 5 Favorite Author Swag & Merch Companies

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Check out my new YouTube video called Top 5 Favorite Author Swag & Merch Companies! These aren’t paid promotions…I really love these!

Please note this post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a commission or referral fee if you click and purchase.  I only share products I love and my links are at no cost to you.

  1. – For your paperback and hardback needs, this company is the absolute best in my opinion! They’re superior in quality, speed, and customer service. Check out my referral link here.  
  2. Novelly Yours Candles – If you need candles, you must use Novelly Yours Candles. Their candles are amazing and the customer service is fantastic!
  3. Sticker Giant – I absolutely LOVE Sticker Giant for my stickers. They’re high quality and Sticker Giant is always doing cool stuff like sending me extra stickers just because!
  4. Myron – Pens! Everyone always asks me about my pens and I get them in bulk from Myron. They’re great quality and a good price. My readers sometimes order my books just to get one of my pens…ha!
  5. Canva – Last but not least is Canva. They’re a new fave of mine. I absolutely love their products. Postcards and posters and all sorts of stuff. It’s all high quality, they’re super quick with shopping, and it comes packaged beautifully.

Hope you try out some of my faves here! If you want to watch my last video, check it out here. 

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