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Ultimate Midnight Dynasty Reading Order, Yes Please!

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Ultimate Midnight Dynasty Reading Order List

You’ve asked for it and I finally got my hands on the complete Midnight Dynasty reading order list! Whether you’re Team Morelli or Team Constantine, or unsure as of yet, this reading order provided by Dangerous Press will send you on the right path to reading all the books in this awesome world!

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Midnight Dynasty Reading Order List

Free Midnight Dynasty Reading Order Printable!


What is the Midnight Dynasty world?

This world is a series of loosely interconnected books revolving around two main families: the Morellis and the Constantines. These two families are mega rich, super powerful, and ruthless as can be. They also pretty much hate each other which makes for fantastic tension, especially when people from the “wrong side” fall for someone on the other side. The Midnight Dynasty collection is growing and filled with fabulous, steamy, and intriguing stories you’ll love.

Team Constantine

Yeah, I said it. I’m Team Constantine. Why? Winston Constantine, that’s why. How can you not be Team Constantine when he’s the hottest, filthiest billionaire to ever live…ha! I’m bias because I wrote him, though. His story is a modern-day Cinderella retelling, but it’s no fairy tale, and he’s no Prince Charming!

Stroke of Midnight by K Webster

Prince Charming by K Webster

The Glass Slipper by K Webster

Steamy Stroke of Midnight Teaser

Team Morelli

This family actually grew on me. Because I wrote Winston Constantine first (before I read the other books), naturally I chose them. However, after getting to know the Morellis, like Leo Morelli, in Amelia Wilde’s series, you can’t help but fall in love.

I actually wrote another duet in which my characters were Team Morelli. In the Deception Duet, we dive more into the Morellis, and shocker, I didn’t like Winston at all from their point of view!

Triple Threat

Death Wish

The Deception Duet by K Webster

Where do I start the Midnight Dynasty series?

Dangerous Press continues to add more books into this fantastic and entertaining world, so it can be a bit overwhelming wondering where to start. But, you can print off the reading list here, and start with Stroke of Midnight. Get to know Mr. Constantine… Let him lure you into his filthy world! These Morelli Constantine books are going to consume you!

Stroke of Midnight by K Webster paperbacks

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If you’re a fan of the Dangerous Press books, then you seriously should check out their Patreon! There are multiple tiers offering different types of access. I’ve even written some exclusive, Patreon-only stories for them with my characters, so it’s worth checking out!

Dangerous Press Patreon


Thanks for reading and please comment to let me know if this was helpful! I love hearing from you all! Also, sharing helps get the word out and is much appreciated!

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Midnight Dynasty Reading Order with romantic couple scene


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