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What I’m reading…and a fiery-hot excerpt!

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As you all know, I’m a SUPER FAN of MM romance. Super. I absolutely love it. There’s just something about gay romance that makes my heart happy.

Not long ago, an author, CE Ricci, reached out to me to ask if I’d read her debut book, Follow the River.  This book, y’all. I DIED. It was sooooo good. Check out the review for that one below.

“This story will grip you in the best possible way! Follow the River is intense, emotional, and incredibly hot! CE Ricci’s debut blew me away! I’m a sucker for a good MM romance, but I wasn’t expecting to have this enemies-to-lovers book so thoroughly rock my world. Five OH, THE ANGST Stars!”

In her newest book, These Vile Secrets, CE Ricci brings the heat, emotion, and angst. I was happily surprised to find this was an office romance between two super arrogant alpha-male types. It’s just enough forbidden to get your heart pumping. I’m almost done reading this one and highly recommend it! Here’s an excerpt below so you can see a peek at her writing…


“So much for thinking I’d never lay eyes on you again.” I sigh, rubbing my temple as I gather my folio from off the table. Goddamn, this day just went from fine and dandy—despite having to fire two people immediately after the holidays—to a complete and utter shit show.

I turn to head out of the room, but Roman stands directly in my way. And in front of the only possible exit…other than jumping out the damn window.


“So you do recognize me.” He smirks, leaning back against the door. “Here I thought you somehow managed to forget me.”

I roll my eyes. “There was nothing about this past weekend at all worth remembering.” I pause, tilting my head back to think. “Unless you want to talk about how red your face turned when your driver came over the intercom to provide the world’s most untimely cockblock.”

A flash of embarrassment, one barely perceptible to most people, flicks over his features before he schools them once again. “You saying that only proves my point,” he tells me, adjusting the cuffs of his jacket before meeting my gaze. “You remember.”

“I said there was nothing worth remembering. Not that I have the memory of a goldfish and can manage to forget the face of a person whose cock I’ve had in my throat barely two days ago.”

Wrong thing to say, Hale. Wrong fucking thing to say.

Roman smirks. “Well, since you do remember, if you’re free tonight, I’m more than happy to pick up where we left off.”

“Not happening.”

“Why not?”

I scoff. Is he serious right now? “So many reasons, Roman. Would you like me to list them for you?”

His tongue peeks out, swiping over his bottom lip before he nods. “Yeah, actually I would. Consider it part of my orientation packet.”

God, the mouth on this bastard.

“I’ll be sure to let the HR department know that piece of information is pertinent to all new employees,” I hiss, slipping my hand into my pant pockets. “But for now, let’s just go with the orally condensed version.”

I realize my mistake, using the word oral, a moment after he does. Because his eyes light up, dancing in delight at my slip-up. His devious grin only grows when I don’t speak, momentarily caught with my pants—figuratively—around my ankles before I can backtrack my choice of words.

Oral, yeah?”

I bite the inside of my cheek. “Meaning verbally.

A flash of his tongue over his bottom lip once again has my attention snapping there, then back to his eyes. They twinkle. “Nah, that’s okay. I’m a big fan of oral. You perform it spectacularly, as I recall. But of course, you already knew that. How did you put it? I’d lose my fucking mind through the duration of it?”

Oh, that’s it.

My hand is around his arm and dragging him out of the conference room and down the hall to one of the storage closets we have on this floor. I practically push his body through the opening, bringing the door shut behind us before flipping on the blinding fluorescent light.

Roman looks like a cat who ate a fucking canary as I turn to look at him.

“That didn’t take long.”

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