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Who is K Webster?

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Seriously, though. Who is K Webster?

K Webster. K. Webster. Kay Webster. Karen Webster.

So, which is it?
Hey, all. I’m Kristi. I shortened it to K because…well, it’s easier to sign on books.

Recently, while researching myself on Google for marketing purposes, I realized people who are trying to find my website search via a whole host of variations of my name. These were the most popular:

K Webster. Kate Webster. Kaye Webster. Kay Webster. Kristi Webster. K. Webster. Author K Webster. Author K. Webster. KWebster. K.Webster. Kate Webster Author.

I also discovered what people were searching for most when it came to me and my books and they were as follows:

Wild and Free K Webster. K Webster Books. K Webster Website. Wild and Free Book K Webster. Stroke of Midnight. Stroke of Midnight K Webster. K Webster The Wild. The Wild K Webster (this one always makes me giggle because it sounds like I’m the wild one rather than my book). Wild and Free Kate Webster. The Free K Webster. Wild and Free Banned Book. Hale K Webster. Age Gap Romance Books. Books about incest. Incest novels. Incest books.

The last few of those are funny to me and have me cracking up. But, hey, if it’s what I’m known for, I’ll take it. Hale is one of my very favorite books I’ve written! And, again, I’m Kristi, not Kate, but apparently I answer to it all. Just ask my good friend Yolanda who jokingly calls me Karen. Ha!

So, now that we established I’m Kristi, what else is there to know about me?

I started my publishing journey back in February of 2014 with my very first book called Broken. Broken is a free K Webster download that you can find on all the platforms. I’ve come a long way since I wrote that one. 130+ books later and I’m still at it, writing all the books that speak to my heart. Though some people think I’m a dark romance author or a taboo romance author, I also write sweet, small town romances, gay romances, steamy office romances, rockstar romances, historical romances, mafia romances, paranormal romances, contemporary romances, sci-fi romances, fantasy romances, romantic suspense books, banned books, and even some psychological thrillers under my other pen name, Elizabeth Gray. I’m so much more than just dark or taboo or incest books. I hope that my readers see that no matter what book I write, that I bring a certain vibe. The K Webster vibe. Stories filled with intense love, beautiful emotional journeys, and fiery passion.

If you want a free printable of the entire K Webster book list, you can find it here. You’ll also find the K Webster book order lists as well as they are listed out by series and standalones. You’ll also find all my free K Webster downloads here. I don’t have any K Webster PDF books available on my website, but I do believe BookFunnel allows you to download to a PDF if that’s your preferred way of reading.

Whether it’s a banned book, incest book, free book, or regular run of the mill romance book, I’ve got you covered. Writing and publishing is my passion. I don’t just love to write the books, but I love publishing them, making connections with readers, and designing graphics to go along with my books. I enjoy offering signed paperbacks, exclusive editions, seriously awesome swag, etc. All aspects of this business are fulfilling to me and I look forward to many more decades of it.

Signed, with love,

K Webster


Kristi Webster

Kate Webster

Kaye Webster

Kay Webster


K Webster

Karen Webster

Banned Book Author

Incest Romance Book Author



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